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Knowledge empowering change. What you need to know to shift towards a socially just, environmentally sound and compassionate society.

Essential Knowledge for Transition makes visible the “operating system” of our society.

EK4T aims at explaining in layman’s terms the design and functioning of the large systems in our society – the monetary and banking system, the economic system and the financial system. The design of those systems can be thought of as the very operating system of our society. Such operating system is frustrating our efforts to bring about a more compassionate, democratic, equitable and environmentally sound society and needs to be overhauled.

Each component of the EK4T curriculum offers options for redesigning those systems in a way that allows us to tackle and overcome the challenges we face – climate instability, environmental degradation, growing economic inequity and erosion of democracy. Think of it like the direction of flow in a river. Swimming against the current is arduous and you might end up farther from your destination regardless of your efforts if the current is strong enough. Redesigning our large systems is like reversing the direction of the flow in the river allowing us to swim with the current and making it easier for us reach our destination.

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