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At the Fourth National Slow Money Conference in Boulder, Colorado on April 29, 2013, I had the honor of giving a special address, titled Expanding our Vision: Beyond the Narrow Lens of Conventional Finance. You can watch the video of the presentation here (approx. 14 minutes)…

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Author: Rebekkah Hilgraves Broadcast and recording engineer, media production manager, cable monkey, marketing dork, project manager, chief cook and bottle-washer. Author, storyteller, shit-stirrer, enemy of the people.

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  1. Thank you for focusing your talents on a transition to a better world. That’s my path too. I’ve been a public banking advocate since I first heard about it in early 2012. I’m co-founder of Economic Liberty for Main Street in Nevada County, now an affiliate of the PBI. I’m running for county supervisor and expect to be able to generate support from many sectors of our county, and am also looking for additional funding to ensure a successful election. I’ve also applied for a scholarship to the Mondragon Study Tour in September 8-14 so I can study one of the most successful cooperative movements on our planet. In the event I don’t receive a scholarship, I’m looking for a philanthropic backer for that as well.

    1. Thank you Pamela. This movement needs to engage with the political process and you are showing the way forward by seeking public office. Community Wealth and Democracy at Work could be good resources for you.

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