A few thoughts on Slow Money investing

Slow Money seeks to catalyze investments into local foodsheds and to bring about a new way of investing, one that is appropriate to place, based on direct relationships and aligned with the values of caring for the commons, sensitivity to the carrying capacity of the planet, and non-violence.

Slow Money is also a response to Global Finance that has, on one hand made investing easy and accessible through intermediation and pooling of capital (think about all the ETFs and all the mutual funds, now in the tens of thousands, which are investment options available to all of us), while on the other hand it has allowed for the disconnect between our agency in the world, expressed through our investments, and the values we hold dear. In other words, Global Finance by making it easy for us to invest through intermediaries has removed our own investments from our sphere of awareness. Most of us are not aware of the individual holdings of mutual funds in which we might be invested, let alone how the individual companies in them are utilizing the capital and how they treat their employees, the communities they affect, and the environment.