Align Your Investments with Your Values – webinar series

In 2016 Essential Knowledge for Transition launched and offered 11 local investing workshops called Align Your Investments with Your Values around the country attended by more than 90 people.

In 2017 EK4T launched a 6-part webinar series covering the content of the daylong local investing workshop. The next live webinar will be on Tuesday February 7th at 4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET.


Webinar 2: Understanding Money Creation and Ecological Limits – Tue 2/7 4:30pm PT

  • The carbon math
  • The virtual and the real
  • Money creation and the origin of investment capital
  • The source of financial returns
  • Bringing money down to Earth

In the second webinar we will expand on the intuition gained in the first webinar and look specifically at the carbon math and its implications for the market valuation of oil companies. We will also look at the concept of financial intensity and realize the disconnect between the amount of investment capital around the world and the finite limits of our biosphere. We will discover the unlikely origin of investment capital by understanding the basics of the money and banking system, and the impact of money creation on the business cycle and asset bubbles. As we recognize the virtual and constructed nature of money and investment capital we will realize the importance of moving beyond the narrow lens of conventional finance and considering the true impact of our investments.

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Webinar 1 – Awakening to the problems of conventional finance 

  • From abstract math to finance
  • Awakening to the problem – the story of a forest
  • Natural capital at risk
  • Slow Money
  • From greed and fear to biophilia and empathy
  • Examples of aligned investments

In this first webinar  Marco tells his personal journey from global finance to Slow Money which began when the story of a forest awoke him to the problems of conventional finance. We will look at an important 15-year study by the UN called “Natural Capital at Risk” showing how we have been using natural capital to subsidize our global economic activity and financial returns. We will then explore the themes and ethos of Slow Money which urges us to “bring money down to Earth” and invest with the ultimate goal of restoring soil fertility. We will then look at the psychology of investing and imagine a portfolio inspired by biophilia and empathy instead of by greed and fear.

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Here are the additional webinars being offered in the next five months:

Webinar 3: Beyond the narrow lens of conventional finance
Webinar 4: Portfolio Management
Webinar 5: Direct Investing 101 
Webinar 6: Due Diligence 101

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