About EK4T

The human experiment is at a threshold point.

Investment capital and its demand for exponential growth through the compounding of investment returns is a key driver of perpetual growth in our current economic system. This is incompatible with the finite physical boundaries of planet Earth. Both the economic system and the financial system are also operating largely in the absence of moral and ethical guidance, with damaging social and environmental consequences.

Our long-term survival therefore depends on transitioning to an economic and financial system compatible with the reality of a finite biosphere and with a just and compassionate society. The first step is understanding the role our  investments play in shaping the world we are living in.

Essential Knowledge for Transition (EK4T) is an educational effort to allow individual investors and financial advisors to connect the dots and start the process of transforming the practice of investing in a way that is compatible with the long term survival of humans and global ecosystems. As a starting point EK4T offers courses and individualized coaching and consulting for individual investors and financial advisors to move towards Aware and No-Harm Investing™