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An EK4T Course

Toward Aware and No-Harm Investing

October 2, 2023 – October 30-2023

Five-session interactive on-line course designed to help individual investors gain an understanding of investment options and tools available to move towards aware and no-harm investing. This course is NOT open to financial advisors (please see course offered by Money Quotient University on this page).

Michelle Greenwood Founder GOOD CAPITAL PROJECTS: So thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in another of Marco’s highly rated courses.  

Well thought through fact-based scenarios, interesting examples, and Marco’s personal stories position course takers to reconsider everything they think they know about Wall Street investments. Through the course we found our risk tolerance for a new investment strategy and analyzed our current portfolios using our newly learned clarifying lens that accounts for subsidies and often hidden harm. Finally, we dug in to develop an individual new economy investment compass and then implement the ideas in a small portfolio.  

Over the 5 weekly meetings, Marco offers a much needed holistic approach that knowledgeably addresses both the problems with the Business as Usual financial paradigm and suggests opportunities and solutions in the emerging new economy. It was great to join both everyday community folks wanting to make a difference with their investments as well as seasoned financial professionals interested in learning a values-based investment approach. I have taken Marco’s workshop, but this deeper dive was a timely review and expanded on some of his earlier ideas. We also had more time to create and implement our strategies. I loved this course and found it well worth the time and effort. Highly recommend!

A Money Quotient University Course

Towards Aware and Values-Centered Investing

January 13, 2024 – March 24, 2024

Ten-week five-session self-paced on-line course designed to help financial planners gain an understanding of investment options and tools available to help their clients move towards aware, no-harm and impact investing. The course is also open to individual investors.

Jeremy Levinn, CFP®: 
I can’t remember the last time I participated in something as deeply thought-provoking as Marco’s course. He weaves a cohesive narrative that ties together the workings of our financial system and the state of the natural environment, and the impact we have on these systems (both as individuals and financial planners). As someone who is well-versed in capital markets, I was particularly interested in Marco’s exploration of the assumptions which underlie our financial thinking – both those that we currently use and those we don’t. And when we upend the assumptions, where does it leave us? Marco answers these questions with analytical rigor and elegant simplicity.  

Even if you are a dedicated environmentalist and a student of financial markets, I am sure you will learn something new from this course. The real question is what you choose to do with that knowledge. As financial life planners and members of the MQ community, this course offers essential knowledge for helping our clients align their money and values.

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