Investing for the World we Want

Keynote Slow Money National Conference, Louisville, KY November 11, 2014

Aligning Our Investments with Our Values

TEDx Santa Cruz, April 2014

Webinar 1: Awakening to the problems of conventional finance


Money and Banking: The invisible Operating System – Redwood City, September 2015 [MEMBERS ONLY]

Beyond Capitalism – Redwood City, October 2015 [MEMBERS ONLY]

Investing for the World We Want – Redwood City, October 2015  [MEMBERS ONLY]

My Personal Journey From Conventional Finance to Slow Money

Green Money Journal, March 2016


“The intermediation of global finance is, I believe, at the very core of the many environmental and social problems we face. … We are all collectively unaware of what our investments are really doing out there in the world.”

Making Human Survival Illegal: The Unintended Consequence of TPP

Policy Note 112. Binzagr Institute for Sustainable Prosperity


“This is the world that twelve nations, including the US, will be living in if they ratify the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) — a deceptively named ‘trade agreement’ that will have broad impacts on many aspects of social life in the countries that bind themselves to its dictates.”

Life After Conventional Finance

Published  in Slow Money Journal, Winter 2016/2017


“We live in a global economy driven by global financial capital, which is for the most part managed by fiduciaries legally bound to strictly confine their attention to financial risk and return considerations and nothing more.”

Marco Vangelisti: Investing Outside Of Wall Street

Interview with Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity – November 12, 2016

On Election day, the 8th of November 2016, I was interview by Chris Martenson – the founder of Peak Prosperity. Our conversation was wide ranging – we talked about my personal journey from conventional finance to regenerative investing, financial capital and ecological limits, money creation, share buy-backs and market valuations, what environmental economics is telling us, moving beyond the narrow lens of conventional finance, balance sheet recessions and deflationary spirals, local investing and Slow Money, aligning investments with personal values, challenging capital market expectations, the trap of the positional game and the ultimate function of saving and investing. 

Hatch podcast: From Wall Street to Main Street

This is part of a podcast collection created by Hatch in Oregon to promote the idea of community capital. We focused on local investing and explored the transformative potential of local investing both at the personal and community level, the issue of liquidity, the non-financial impacts of local investing, the difference between investing in rural versus urban areas, and ways to encourage larger participation in the community capital movement.

Voice of America Radio, February 2018
In February 2018 I was interviewed by Thomas Rosemberg of the Envision Show on Voice of America Radio.  During the interview we talked the money system, Slow Money, the importance of local investing and how to move towards an ethical investment portfolio.
The Neal and Larry Show, January 2017
In January 2017 I was interviewed by Neal of the Neal and Larry Show, a show dedicated to the promotion of self-sufficiency empowering people and communities to take back control of their lives. During the interview we talked about cognitive and institutional dissonance, how the story of a forest in the Borneo changed the trajectory of my life, how to integrate a broader context for managing our investments so that we don’t destroy with our investments the very things we count to be there once we retire.