So thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in another of Marco’s highly rated courses.

Well thought through fact-based scenarios, interesting examples, and Marco’s personal stories position course takers to reconsider everything they think they know about Wall Street investments. Through the course we found our risk tolerance for a new investment strategy and analyzed our current portfolios using our newly learned clarifying lens that accounts for subsidies and often hidden harm. Finally, we dug in to develop an individual new economy investment compass and then implement the ideas in a small portfolio.

Over the 5 weekly meetings, Marco offers a much needed holistic approach that knowledgeably addresses both the problems with the Business as Usual financial paradigm and suggests opportunities and solutions in the emerging new economy. It was great to join both everyday community folks wanting to make a difference with their investments as well as seasoned financial professionals interested in learning a values-based investment approach. I have taken Marco’s workshop, but this deeper dive was a timely review and expanded on some of his earlier ideas. We also had more time to create and implement our strategies. I loved this course and found it well worth the time and effort. Highly recommend!

Author: Rebekkah Hilgraves Broadcast and recording engineer, media production manager, cable monkey, marketing dork, project manager, chief cook and bottle-washer. Author, storyteller, shit-stirrer, enemy of the people.